Aizu Erosoku Festival (Aizu Painted Candle Festival)

Mysterious snowy scenery of Aizu lit by candlelight

Aizu Erosoku (painted candles) are one of Aizu’s traditional crafts. The candles are painted colourfully one by one with pictures of chrysanthemums, tree peonies, wisteria, and other seasonal plants and flowers. This festival, featuring lit Aizu Erosoku, which show the skills of the artisans, creates the winter scenery of the beautifully illuminated Aizu-Wakamatsu at night. 

The main venues are Tsurugajo Castle and Oyakuen Garden. You can climb the tower at Tsurugajo Castle, allowing you to see a splendid view. 

In addition, Aizu Erosoku candles are lit at the same time at various locations within the city including Aizu-Wakamatsu Station, Higashiyama Onsen, Nanukamachi-dori Street (Amidaji Temple), Kitademaruo-odori Street (near the remains of the Saigo Tanomo Residence), and Noguchi Hideyo Seishun-dori Street. Enjoy a night stroll while viewing the differently designed lights at each venue. 

General Information

Opening Times
[Hours] 17:30-21:00
●Tsurugajo Castle: About a 5-minute walk from the “Tsuruga-jo Iriguchi” bus stop of the Haikara-san/Akabe bus
● Oyakuen Garden: About a 1-minute walk from the “Oyakuen Iriguchi” bus stop of the Haikara-san/Akabe bus
Car Park
Tsurugajo Castle, Oyakuen Garden, various locations within Aizu Wakamatsu City


Aizu Festival Association
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