Asamushi Onsen

Asamushi Onsen

Enjoy stunning sunset views at this hot spring resort on Mutsu Bay!

The scenic local “Aoimori Railway” line connects Aomori and the hot spring town of Asamushi Onsen. The free foot bath outside Asamushi Onsen station welcomes visitors with an exhilarating introduction to their Onsen experience. The Onsen town consists of two areas: the east side is a traditional hot spring town while the west side is a beach resort facing the sea.

With its narrow alleys lined with traditional hot spring inns and eateries, the eastern part of town displays the unchanged scenery of the old hot spring town. Here visitors can poach their own eggs in the hot spring waters at the “Onsen egg place” and the nearby drinking fountain is said to be beneficial for digestion. Other attractions on the east side are Asamushi Onsen Forest Park, recognised as one of Japan’s best 100 forest bathing locations and Asamushi Aquarium known for its popular dolphin performances.

Ocean lovers can enjoy bathing, windsurfing, yachting and fishing at the artificial sandy beach “Sunset Beach Asamushi” on the west side of town. The nearby Michi-no-Eki “Yusa Asamushi” is a roadside station offering a large hot spring bath with a panoramic view of Mutsu Bay. The luxury hotels lined along the Mutsu Bay coast offer popular modern hot spring resort experiences, the perfect place to enjoy a spectacular sunset view!

The clear hot spring water is pure, odourless, smooth to touch and moisturising on the skin. Along with promoting beautiful skin, the water is said to be beneficial for neuralgia, rheumatism, backache and a range of other ailments.

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20 minutes by train from Aomori Station to Asamushi Onsen Station
30 minutes by car from Aomori Station
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