Akita City Central Business District Scheduled Bus Pass "Gururu"

The Central Business District Scheduled Bus "Gururu" is a bus that roams around the main spot around the central business district of Akita City.

This bus roams around the main spots in Akita City's Central Business District.

This service started in 2012, to influence the surroundings of Akita Station and the busy ""Area Nakaichi"" which opened in year 2012.

Its nickname is ""Gururu"" and the blue bus coating and blue bus stops are its signature!

It is convenient for shopping as well as travelling.

Please use our service. 


    Kaimono Hiroba

    Akita Staton


    Neburi nagashi Kan Mae

    Kanto Odori


   Minami Odori

  Nakadori 6-chome

  Shiminichiba Mae

    Kaimono Hiroba

<Nearby establishments>

  Akita Shiritsu Senshu Museum

  The Satake Historical Material Museum

 Kubota Castle

  Akita city Minzoku Geinou Densho-kan Kaneko House

  Red brick Local Museum Katsuhira Tokushi Memorial

General Information

・Rides for 1 time or 1 round are 100 yen each (children below elementary school ages are free of charge)
・The 1 Dau Unlimited Rides ticket is 300 yen (unlimited rides for the only same day)
Official Website
・Only payment by cash is accepted. Bus coupons boarding pass, coupon books etc.) cannot be used.。
・Special welfare boarding passes cannot be used.
・Sometimes at Kaimono Hiroba, we might ask the customers to transit to another vehicle if there is a need to change vehicles.
・Sometimes we might operate vehicles that do not have a blue coating.
Frequency of operating buses: 1 day 21 rounds (1 round approx. 20 minutes)
Operation Time
With/Without Excursion Pass
Yes (1 Day Unlimited Rides ticket)
Purchase Location
<1 Day Unlimited Rides ticket>
【sold at】Bus information counter in front of Akita Station, Akita Statio East Entrance Bus information counter
Disclaimer: This ticket is not sold in the bus.


Akita City Urban Development Department Transport Policy Division

※For any inquiries please use the inquiry form.
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