Senshu Park

Senshu Koen

Japanese gardens rich in history and seasonal beauty

Built on the site of the town’s former castle ruins, Senshu Park is now home to beautiful Japanese gardens in the centre of Akita city. The park fascinates visitors with scenic seasonal images throughout the year. From mid to late April each year 730 cherry blossom trees are in bloom and the park has been selected as one of Japan’s 100 best cherry-blossom viewing locations. Other enchanting spectacles offered by the gardens include blooming azalea shrubs framing Kogetsu Pond from mid to late May, lotus flowers floating on the water of Otemon moat in late July, scarlet autumn leaves and snowy winter scenes.

The park is of historic significance as the site of Kubota Castle which was the residence of the Satake clan for 267 years from 1602. Visitors can still view the guardhouse built in the 1700s along with reconstructed buildings such as a watchtower and the front gate of the castle. The Satake Historical Museum at the southern end of the park contains displays of valuable historical documents as well as antique arms and armour.

Other historic locations in the park include Yojiro Inari Shrine with a series of photogenic vermillion gateways and Hachiman Akita Shrine whose dove-shaped fortune papers are popular with visitors. A 10-minute walk from Akita station takes visitors to this oasis in the city centre. Come for your chance of meeting Akita dogs and enjoying the rose-shaped ice cream unique to Akita!

General Information

Free admission
*There are charges for some attractions.
10 minutes on foot from Akita Station on Akita Shinkansen Line
15 minutes by car from Akita Chuo IC
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