Ugo Kotsu Co. Ltd.

General Information

The fares vary for each route.
Adults 160~2,090 yen
Children 80~1,050 yen
Opening Times
Please refer to the time schedule as it varies for each route.
Operation Time
The scheduled time for the first and last buses might change depending on the routes and day of the week. Please refer to the time schedule.
With/Without Advance Reservation
※Local Bus: No reservation required
※Highway bus: Reservation required
With/Without Excursion Pass
Purchase Location
Yokote Bus Terminal
Yuzawa Sales Office
Omagari Bus Terminal
Kakunodate Sales Office
Lake Tazawa、Sales Office
Honjo Sales Office
How to Purchase
Purchase on the spot, reservation via phone
Applicable Transportation Facility
Express Bus
Lake & Port 、Express Chokai、Green Liner、Honjo~Sendai Line


Ugo Kotsu Co. Ltd. 
Yokote Office Yuzawa Office Omagari Office Kakunodate Office Lake Tazawa Office Honjo Office
Telephone Number
Yokote Office(0182-32-2265)
Yuzawa Office(0183-73-1153)
Omagari Office(0187-63-2215)
Kakunodate Office(0187-54-2202)
Tazawa Office(0187-43-1511)
Honjo Office(0184-24-2440)
Fax Number
Yokote Office(0182-32-2266)
Yuzawa Office(0183-72-2234)
Omagari Office(0187-63-2216)
Kakunodate Office(0187-54-2203)
Lake Tazawa Office(0187-43-1512)
Honjo Office(0184-22-2651)
E-mail address