TOHOKU HIGHWAY BUS TICKET(Tohoku Transportation Bureau, Transportation Planning Department, Transportation Planning Division)

Unlimited rides throughout Tohoku!

TOHOKU HIGHWAY BUS TICKET( 2-Day Pass or 3-Day Pass) provides unlimited travel on selected highway bus and local bus services across 6 prefectures including, Aomori, Akita, Iwate, Yamagata,Miyagi, and Fukushima in the Tohoku region. This pass is a perfect fit for your visit to Tohoku: Travel easy and save you money!

General Information

4 Days Pass Ticket 10,000 yen
7 Days Pass Ticket 13,000 yen
Opening Times
10 AM to 4 PM.
* These tickets can only be used by travelers with foreign passports. Please show your ticket and passport to the driver when getting on and off. Then tear off a ticket and placing it in the ticket box inside the bus.
* No refund is accepted even if the bus services are cancelled or delayed due to any accident, weather, etc.
* Lost or stolen tickets cannot be reissued.
* Other conditions on usage are in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of bus operating companies and the laws of Japan.
* A ticket with expired valid date cannot be used to board a bus
* If the ticket is used by anyone other than the designated user or in case of any other improper use, the ticket will be invalid and the holder will be asked to pay double the regular fare for the trip taken.
* Please make sure to cancel your reservations via “ Manage my Booking” page of Japan Bus Online Website, if you decide not to travel on the reserved bus service.

*You are not entitled to request a refund once a reservation has been made or/and exchanged your voucher for Tohoku Highway Bus Ticket.

*To refund your voucher, a cancellation fee, JPY 500 per ticket will be charged. Please request a refund via " Refund my Voucher" page of Japan Bus Online.

Please make sure to read the “Eligibility Conditions” for the TOHOKU HIGHWAY BUS TICKET below before you purchase an Exchange Voucher. Be sure that you understand these requirements before purchasing an Exchange Voucher.
Target Period
All year
With/Without Advance Reservation
Purchase Location
Website for ticket purchasing「JAPAN BUS ONLINE」Card Payment Only
How to Purchase
1. Website for ticket purchasing 「JAPAN BUS ONLINE」 Card Payment Only
2. Website of Designated Travel Agency
Ticket will be selling at the above sales office. Please redeemed your ticket there during your visit.
※ In order to redeemed your ticket, it is neccessary to show your passport and ticket receipt(voucher).
Applicable Transportation Facility
Konan Bus, Towada Kanko Dentetsu, Nanbu Bus, Ugo Kotsu, Akita Chuo Kotsu, Shuhoku Bus, Iwateken Kotsu, Iwate Kyuko Bus, Miyagi Kotsu, Higashi Nippon Express, JR Bus Tohoku, Miyakoh Bus, Yamako Bus, Shonai Kotsu, Fukushima Kotsu, Aizu Noriai Jidosha, Shin Joban Kotsu, Tohoku Access, Tohoku Rokken Bus Kyokai


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