[Tsuruta, Aomori] Tsuru no Mai Bridge

Take a walk across Japan's longest wooden triple-arched bridge

Built on July 8, 1994, the triple-arched Tsuru no Mai Bridge is Japan's longest wooden bridge and spans across Tsugaru Fujimi Lake, where the shadow of Mt. Iwaki is beautifully reflected on the water's surface. The bridge is 300 meters long with a gentle arch and is loved by many as a symbol of Tsuruta, a town known for cranes and international cultural exchanges. 

It is said that the bridge with Mt. Iwaki in the background resembles a crane flying in the sky, and that those who cross it will live a long life. 

The view of the bridge that emerges on the lake surface at dawn and the colors of the lake and bridge at sunset are a few reasons why tourists are drawn to this place. It is also a prime spot for photography enthusiasts. 

During winter, the bridge and promenade are cleared of snow so driving and sightseeing are possible. *In severe snow storms such as blizzards, roads may be closed due to poor visibility. 

At sundown, the bridge railings automatically illuminate and you can enjoy soft arched lighting reminiscent of glowing fireflies until 9 in the evening. Free Wi-Fi is available around the bridge. 


[About the facilities around the bridge]

Across the Tsuru no Mai Bridge is the Fujimi Lake Park and Tanchozuru Natural Park. The Fujimi Lake Park has a picnic area, amusement facilities, and a bbq area (advance reservation required), making it a popular spot for families. 

*The barbecuing area is currently closed and no longer taking reservations for 2020 due to COVID-19.

At the Tanchozuru Natural Park, you can see red-crowned cranes and admission is free every day from 9:00 to 16:00. 

In April 2020, a new tourist facility, Kokonimo Aruja opened near the parking lot of the bridge. Within walking distance is the Tsuru no Sato Furusato Kan, a history museum that utilizes a traditional folk house. Admission is free from 9:00 to 16:00 every day except from November to March. 

*Please contact the Tsuruta Town Hall, Planning and Tourism Department for business hours of each tourist facility in 2020. 



[Additional information] 

There is a hot spring facility, Welfare Center Tsugaru Fujimiso, near the bridge. Visitors who do not have a reservation can use the hot spring for day trips and have meals at the restaurant. 


The Tsuru no Mai Bridge Travel Guide will be available from mid-April to November. Danburi MikoPa no Kai will host the tour so please contact them for information on times, fees, arrangements for meeting guides, etc. 

<Tsuru no Mai Bridge Travel Guide - Danburi MikoPa no Kai>

 Chairman: (Masaaki Takenami) Phone: 090-7660-7386


From JR Mutsu-Tsuruda Station, we recommend taking a taxi from the station. 

When Otona no Kyujitsu Kurabu Pass is available, the four areas from JR Mutsu-Tsuruda Station to Tsuru no Mai Bridge (round trip) and Tsuru no Mai Bridge ⇒ Michi no Eki and Michi no Eki ⇒ JR Mutsu-Tsuruda Station will be approximately half price. Details will be posted on the town's tourism website Medetai Tsuruta. 


A thematic journey in the Tohoku region:Riverside

General Information

Parking fee (entrance fee and toll fee are free)

Standard-sized car (less than 2.5m in length)
300 yen per car per day (*First 30 minutes is free for standard-sized cars)
Large-sized car (over 2.5m in length)
1,000 yen per vehicle per day
Opening Times
*Except during events
Summer: April to October
Winter: November to March
Approx. 10 minutes by taxi from JR Mutsu-Tsuruda Station
Car Park
There is enough space to park a large bus. After business hours, please use the early morning/overnight parking spaces (free of charge).
Official Website
Tourism Web Magazine, Medetai Tsuruta
Approx. 40 minutes
Became a popular tourist spot after it was used as a filming location for the commerical and poster for Otona no Kyujitsu Club in 2016. Tsuru no Mai Bridge goods are available for purchase.
Details: https://www.medetai-tsuruta.jp/spot/special/maigoods.html

Pets (except guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogs) are not allowed to enter Fujimi Lake Park, including the bridge and Tanchozuru Natural Park.
Further information: https://www.medetai-tsuruta.jp/16515.html


Tsuruta Town Hall, Planning and Tourism Division
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