Aomori Gyosai Center Nokkedon

Pile on as many of your favourite toppings as you want for a delicious heaping of Wagamamadon

The Aomori Gyosai Center is located close to Aomori Station, with Aomori Bay spreading out before you. Locally known as Furukawa Market, it is a lively market and the kitchen for citizens. It is an indispensable part of local lives. Not only can you purchase various items at the market, such as fresh seafood caught in the morning of that day, meat, vegetables, and processed goods, but you can also enjoy Nokkedon, a rice bowl filled with your favourite toppings. This is the ultimate Wagamama rice bowl that allows you to fulfill your heart's desires, whether you want to eat a small portion of different toppings or want to have both seafood and meat.

[How to make Nokkedon]

(1) Purchase Nokkedon meal tickets from the information office. (Set of 10 tickets: 1,500 yen/Set of 5 tickets: 750 yen)

(2) Exchange the tickets for donburi rice at any stand with a red sign. (Standard serving: 1 ticket/Large serving: 2 tickets)

(3) There are over 30 shops where you can exchange your tickets for your favourite toppings, such as sashimi, deli foods, and meat

(4) Your original donburi is complete! Enjoy it at a rest area in the market!

As many of the toppings are raw, you cannot take the donburi home with you. If you buy sashimi at a fish shop, they will prepare it to be taken home.

General Information

Opening Times
07:00 to 16:00
*Inquire at the market after 15:00 as sales will end when the market runs out of rice.
*Closed days may vary during Golden Week, Nebuta Festival in August, Obon holiday, and the Year-end and New Year holiday.
● About 5 minutes walk from JR Aomori Station
● About 15 minutes from Aomori-Chuo Interchange on the Aomori Expressway
● About 35 minutes by car from Aomori Port
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