Naruko Onsenkyo

Naruko Onsenkyo

The perfect place for Onsen hopping with the widest variety of hot spring waters in Japan

With more than 1,000 years of history, Naruko Onsen-kyo consists of a group of five Onsen: Naruko, Higashi-Naruko, Kawatabi, Nakayamadaira and Onikobe. Featuring a range of hot spring water characteristics, visitors can experience 8 of the 10 varieties of Japan’s hot spring water in this area. Enjoy Onsen hopping and find your favourite! Naruko Onsen-kyo is home to nearly 400 hot spring water sources and many inns offer baths filled with hot spring water flowing directly from their sources.

The largest of the five Onsen, Naruko Onsen was one of three popular hot springs in the ancient Oshu region along with Akiu Onsen and Iizaka Onsen. The spectacular Naruko-kyo Gorge is in the neighbourhood. Naruko Kokeshi dolls are a popular regional craft.

The nearby Higashi-Naruko Onsen is a peaceful hot spring town popular with people coming for hot spring treatments.

The oldest, Kawatabi Onsen, is a historic hot spring town filled with rustic charms and a warm atmosphere.

Nakayamadaira Onsen is known as a hot spring promoting beautiful skin. The rich and creamy hot spring water on the skin is compared to the feeling of eel-skin.

Onikobe Onsen is well known for the Onikobe Geyser as well as its popular holiday resorts in the abundant natural surroundings. Visitors can also enjoy winter sports at the Onikobe Ski Resort before relaxing tired muscles in this hot spring!

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