Sakunami Onsen

Sakunami Onsen

A hidden hot spring for successive Sendai feudal lords

Sakunami Onsen was officially founded in 1796. Legend has it that the spring waters were made popular before this time by the prominent Buddhist priest Gyoki and the famous warrior Yoritomo Minamoto during his local rule.

Neighbouring attractions include the Nikka Whisky Sendai Distillery which offers a tour including the sampling of various whiskies, the pristine Okunikkawa River and the Homei Shijuhachi-taki Falls featuring an orchestral roar of falling water. A further walk takes you to Saihoji Temple and Risshakuji Temple, the latter being a famous temple in the mountains where the great poet Basho Matsuo composed one of the most popular haiku poems in Japan.

Learn about the effects of hot spring water

Simple hot spring

A clear, colorless, tasteless, and odorless hot spring. Even if the temperature of the spring is 25°C, none of the ingredients are in the specified amount. It has little stimulation and various effects. Many hot springs are called "famous hot springs.

The main benefits are

Relieves fatigue, neuralgia, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, etc.

Salt-containing glauber's salt spring

It contains a lot of sodium and is good for hypertension. It is said to be good for arteriosclerosis, trauma, chronic arthritis, etc. when used as a bath.

The main benefits are

Neuralgia, muscle pain, chronic skin disease, high blood pressure, etc.

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