Aomori Shuttle de Route Bus (Nebutan-go)

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The Aomori Shuttle de Route Bus (Nebutan-go) is a route bus that connects Shin-Aomori Station, Aomori Station, the ferry terminal and major tourist facilities. 

Route Map

General Information

青森県青森市中央一丁目22-5 本庁舎3階
1 ride: 300 yen (elementary school students/150 yen)
1-day pass: 700 yen (elementary school student/350 yen)
2-day pass: 800 yen (elementary school student/400 yen)
[Common Holiday Pass (limited to holidays/IC cards)]
AOPASS 1-day pass 1,000 yen (elementary school students/500 yen)
AOPASS 2-day pass 1,500 yen (Elementary school students/750 yen)

※Pre-school children are free of charge.

※1 and 2-day passes are valid for any number of rides on the Nebutan during the validity period. The validity period is the day of purchase or the day of purchase and the following day.

※A common holiday pass is valid for any number of rides on Aomori City buses and Aomori City city buses as well as the Nebutan during the validity period. The validity period is the day of purchase or the day of purchase and the following day among Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, August 13 to August 15, and December 29 to January 3.
Only Suica and PASMO, including mobile phones, or transportation system IC cards (such as AOPASS) equipped with either function can be registered. Please note that IC cards with other companies' commuter passes registered may not be used.
[Welfare Discount]
(Eligible Persons)
Holders of Physical Disability Certificate
Holders of Mental Disability Certificate
Holders of Ryoiku Techo

50% discount will be applied to the eligible person and one accompanying person (one person per eligible person).
This applies to both single-ride and one-day/two-day passes. Please show your passport when you get off the bus.

*Please note that the discount system of Aomori City Bus and Aomori City City Bus, such as the welfare pass for senior citizens and the welfare pass for persons with disabilities, cannot be used.
Anyone can use the bus. Please pay the fare in cash or with a transportation system IC card.
Purchase Location
1-day and 2-day tickets (paper tickets) are sold at the following locations (common holiday pass can be sold and registered only on board the train)

Nebutan-go train
Aomori Station East Exit: Aomori City Tourist Information Center
Aomori Tourist Information Center on the 2nd floor of Shin-Aomori Station
Aomori Tourist Information Center, 2nd floor of Shin-Aomori Station
Hotel Aomori
Art Hotel Aomori

If you wish to register a one-day or two-day pass or a common holiday pass to your transportation system IC card, please ask the driver when you get off the bus.


Aomori City Urban Policy Division, Urban Development Department
Telephone Number
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