Iwate Holiday Pass(JR EAST Japan)

For 1 day on Saturdays and holidays (other periods available as well), you can have unlimited rides on local trains (including rapid) while enjoying free seating in the regular cabins within the free area, BRT (Sakari Station~Kesennuma Station~Yanaizu Station), and East Japan Transport Bus Pass (between Moichi~Iwaizumi Hospital).

General Information

Adults 2,500yen
Children 1,250yen
If the main station used is Morioka Station
1. From Sendai Airport, take the Sendai Airport Line for about 30 minutes to Sendai Station. From there take the train for about 40 minutes and get off at Morioka Station.
2. From Tokyo Station, take the Tohoku Shinkansen for about 170 minutes, nd get off at Morioka Station.
・You can have unlimited rides on the local trains (including rapid) within the free area while enjoying free seating in the regular cabins, the BRT (Sakari~Yanaizu), and East Japan Transport Bus (Moichi~Iwaizumi Hospital). Same goes to stations between Morioka to Koma via IGR Iwate Galaxy Railway Line.
・With this pass the use of the Shinkansen is invalid. However, you can take the Akita Shinkansen for stations between Morioka and Shizukuishi, if you purchase an additional limited express ticket.
・To combine using this pass as an limited express ticket, Otona No Kyujitsu discounts are not accepted.
・From new year's eve to new year's day, if the temporary trains are in operation, you can use them until the first trains start operating.
Target Period
Operation Time
With/Without Advance Reservation
Purchase Location
Ticket offices (Midori No Madoguchi) of the main stations within the free area
Reserved seating ticket machine
View Plaza
Main travelling agencies
How to Purchase
For purchases or inquiries, please visit the ticket offices (Midori No Madoguchi), View Plaza, and main travelling agencies of the main stations in the free area (some might not respond).
Applicable Transportation Facility
JR(Almost all lines in Iwate),IGR Iwate Galaxy Railway,East Japan Transport Bus ,BRT