Gozanoishi Shrine (Semboku City, Akita Prefecture)

Seek eternal beauty…

The name Gozanoishi Shrine (sitting stone shrine) is derived from the fact that Lord Satake Yoshitaka of the Akita Domain sat down to rest here during his visit to Lake Tazawa in 1650. The area around Gozanoishi Shrine has many well-known places related to the legend of Tatsuko-hime, and it is also a shrine for the attainment of good looks. The legend says, "Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Tatsuko who lived in Kannarizawa long ago in the Age of the Gods. She wished to stay young and beautiful forever, and prayed more than one hundred times to Okura Kannon at Mount Innaidake to attain eternal beauty. At the behest of the goddess, she drank from a spring in the northern part of the mountain, transformed into a dragon, and became the lord of Lake Tazawa." The shrine also brings good luck, protection from misfortune, as well as success and victory.

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General Information

Opening Times
free worship at any time
By car:
*About 80 minutes via National Route 46 from the Morioka IC of the Tohoku Expressway
*About 60 minutes via the Kakunodate Bypass from the Kyowa IC of the Akita Expressway
By public transportation:
*From JR Tazawako Station, take the "Tazawako Isshu-sen" bus of Ugo Kotsu, get off at Gozanoishi Shrine, and walk 1 minute (time required: about 40 minutes)
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Gozanoishi Shrine
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Telephone Number
0187-48-2630 (Gozaishi Shrine Office)