Oyasukyo Gorge and Oyasukyo Daifunto (Yuzawa, Akita Prefecture)

Witness the steam and hot water bursting from the ravine!

Visit Daifunto along Oyasukyo Gorge in Yuzawa City.

The rushing waters of the Minase River have deeply eroded the banks on either side for many years, forming the Oyasukyo Gorge. After descending the rocky stairs, you will find a promenade ahead of you. 

Here you will find the Daifunto, Oyasukyo's most famous location where 98℃ hot water and steam gushes out fiercely from the crevices of the cliff face and where you can experience the power of nature. 

Enjoy fresh greenery in the spring, the colored leaves in the fall, and the icicles called shigakko in the winter. 

Masumi Sugae, a traveler in the Edo period (1603-1868) visited the area and wrote in the Takamatsu Diary that "I heard a tremendous sound like the sound of Raijin (Thunder God), and hot water started gushing out."

Enjoy a spectacular view of this V-shaped, 60-meter-deep gorge from Kawarayu Bridge.

A thematic journey in the Tohoku region:Fresh Greenery

General Information

Free Admission
Opening Times
The promenade is closed in winter (from early November to late April)
Open all year round
Car: Approx. 50 minutes on Route 398 from Yuzawa Interchange on the Yuzawa-Yokote Road
Bus: From JR Yuzawa Station, take the Ugo Kotsu (Yuzawa-Oyasu line) bus and get off at Oyasu Onsen (about 55 minutes)
Car Park
・North entrance parking lot (Kanko Bussan Kan and Aguri Kan parking lot): approx. 60 spaces
・South entrance parking lot: approx. 10 spaces
The promenade is closed in winter (from early November to late April)


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Minase Office
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