Mt. Iwaki

The symbol of Tsugaru Plain that is also called "Tsugaru Fuji"

Mt. Iwaki is located in the southwestern part of Tsugaru Plain. It is the highest mountain in the prefecture with an elevation of 1,625 meters. The apple field and rural landscape with Mt. Iwaki extending out in the background is one of the most beautiful sights in Aomori. 

There are five mountain climbing trails to the summit. These can be enjoyed by a wide range of people - from beginners to advanced mountain climbers. You can see from Mt. Hakkoda, Cape Gongen of Tsugaru Peninsula, Lake Jusan, Shichirinagahama Beach and Ajigasawa to Odose - and even Cape Matsumae in Hokkaido in the distance - at the summit.

It is said that the row of cherry trees leading to Dake Onsen at the southern foot of Mt. Iwaki is the longest in the world at 20 kilometers. In addition, michinoku kozakura (also known as iwaki kozakura) blooms about June to July around the ninth station. This is an alpine plant unique to Mt. Iwaki.

Visitors dressed in white clothing aim for Iwakiyama Shrine in groups while reciting chants as climbing music is played for oyama sankei (mountain pilgrimage) - an important intangible folk cultural asset. You can also participate in this event by signing up with Let's Walk Oyama Sankei.

Hot springs with various qualities spring forth at the foot of the mountain. Therefore, you can also enjoy touring the hot springs.


General Information

Mt. Iwaki Lift
Adults: 900 yen for a round-trip and 500 yen for a one-way trip
Junior and high school students: 700 yen for a round-trip and 450 yen for a one-way trip
Elementary school students: 500 yen for a round-trip and 350 yen for a one-way trip
Groups (20 or more people): 800 yen for a round-trip and 500 yen for a one-way trip
*Infants: Free
Opening Times
Mt. Iwaki Lift
Late April to late October
Upward: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Downward: 9 a.m. to 4:20 p.m.
*Changes depending on the season
Mt. Iwaki Lift
*Open every day during the period of operation (Closed if there is bad weather)
●There is a bus to the 8th station of Mt. Iwaki Skyline from Hirosaki Bus Terminal (Skyline round-trip ticket: 2,500 yen)
●It is possible to use the lift from the 8th to 9th stations
●Approx. 40 minutes on foot from the 9th station to the summit
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Iwakisan Tourist Association
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