The World’s Longest Row of Cherry Blossom Trees(Iwakisan Tourist Association)

Drive through a 20km tunnel of cherry blossom trees

In addition to the cherry blossom festival held in Hirosaki Park, at the foot of Mt. Iwaki in Hirosaki City is a beautiful sacred mountain also known as "Tsugaru Fuji," a place with the honor of having "the world’s longest row of cherry blossom trees" that are in full bloom from late April to early May. 

About 6,500 cherry blossom trees bloom along the 20-kilometer-long prefectural road, making for a spectacular sight. 

From JR Hirosaki Station, take the Konan Bus for 40 minutes and get off at the Komoriyama Iriguchi bus stop. From there, the beginning of the row of cherry blossom trees extends for about 20 kilometers along the prefectural road and the branch lines in the Hyakuzawa to Dake area. The townspeople of Iwaki planted 1,000 Oyama-zakura cherry blossom trees in 1985 as a commemoration. The locals' desire to create the world's longest row of cherry blossom trees led them to plant trees every year for 10 years, planting a total of about 6,5000 Oyama-zakura cherry blossom trees by 1995. 

The ever-extending 20 kilometers of cherry blossom trees has been nicknamed "the world’s longest row of cherry blossom trees" by locals and is now frequently visited by many tourists. 

[Cherry blossom season] The cherry blossom trees are located anywhere between 200 to 450 meters above sea level at the foot of Mt. Iwaki and, with the maximum altitude difference of 250 meters, the flowers bloom at different times across different altitudes. 

The start of the cherry blossom season usually begins around the end of April, starting from the lower elevation, the highest elevation flourishing about 7 to 10 days later, around early May. 

For information regarding the blossoming forecast, please check the Iwakisan Tourist Association website or contact them for details.

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General Information

Opening Times
●Hyakuzawa area: approx. 40 minutes on the Konan Bus from JR Hirosaki Station, gett off at Komoriyama Iriguchi (entrance) Bus Stop
●Karekitai area: approx. 60 minutes on the Konan Bus from JR Hirosaki Station, gett off at Karekitai Bus Stop
*The cherry blossom trees near Mt. Iwakisan Synthesis Park can be enjoyed while strolling.
Car Park
Iwaki City Tourist Information Center parking lot: 50 spaces (buses are allowed)

Mt. Iwaki Synthesis Park Football Fields parking lot is available (buses are allowed)
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