Mt. Chokai


Admire the graceful snow-capped mountain from below and enjoy uninterrupted views from the summit!

Facing the Japan Sea, the unique topography of Mount Chokai rises dramatically from sea level to a height of 2,236 metres. The mountain is recognised as one of Japan’s 100 most famous mountains. Thanks to its majestic appearance the mountain is known as “Dewa Fuji” (the Mount Fuji of Dewa), and locals love the grace of the snow-capped mountain. The uninterrupted panoramic view from the top of this isolated mountain peak is spectacular. The mountain itself is a designated national park home to rare alpine plants and a popular crater lake.

The best time for climbing Mount Chokai is from May to October. The “Fukuraguchi Route Lake Chokai Course” is an easy trail through hills covered with alpine plants. There is a difficult pass at the beginning of the trail however after this visitors can enjoy a pleasant walk on the hill commanding a bird’s eye view of the beautiful natural surroundings.

Odaira Tozanguchi - (70min) - Shimizu Okami - (50min) - Kawarajuku - (40min) - Ohamagoya - (30min) - Lake Chokai

The “Yunodaiguchi Route Summit Course” is a popular short route to the top of Mount Chokai. Experienced climbers can enjoy traversing across the snowy valley and walking along the ridge of the outer ring of the volcanic mountain.

Yunodaiguchi Shado Shuten (car park) - (30min) - Takinokoya - (60min) - Kawarajuku - (40min) - Sekkei - (60min) - Fushiogamidake - (150min) - Mount Shinzan Peak

After trekking or climbing, soothe sore muscles in one of the local hot springs! There are hot spring inns at the starting point of each route. Yunodai Onsen Chokaisanso and Chokai Onsen Yurari welcome both day visitors and overnight guests.

A scenic drive to the mountain is also recommended from spring to autumn. Drive on the Chokai Blue Line to Hokodateguchi at the fifth station (1,500m above sea level) of Mount Chokai and enjoy an easy trek to an observation hut!

General Information

40 minutes by car from Yuza Station to Fukura-guchi (Odaira)
40 minutes by car from Sakata Station to Yunodai-guchi
Share-ride taxi services are available from Sakata Station and Yuza Station to the trail entrance during the climbing season.
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Tourism Development Council of Chokai Quasi-National Park
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