Scenic Beauty of the Japan Sea Shorelines

A tour that takes you to shorelines of the Japan Sea, highlighted by the blue sea, rapid mountain stream current, the burning setting sun, and the daily life of people living close to the sea.

A: Oirase Stream in winter

Oirase Stream showing the different expressions in each of the four seasons.

B: JR Gono Line

A train weaves its way across the rough, rocky shoreline and the World Heritage Shirakamisanchi range as it runs along the coastline.

C: Godzilla Rock

The strange rock that looks like "Godzilla" is even more photogenic when the sunset turns the sky red.

D: Agariko the Great

The malformed Japanese beech tree. It was named for the way the trunk divides into smaller trunks as it grows upwards.

E: Mt. Chokai

The highest mountain in Tohoku with an elevation of 2,236 m. The scenery that gives you a vivid feel of the colorfulness of the four seasons makes it one of the top 100 scenic views in Japan.

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F: Sankyo rice granary

It was also the location used for the Japanese drama "Oshin", the place where the special rice is stored.

G: Salmon and local sake

Salmon perfected by the local climate has excellent compatibility with local sake.

H: Nodoguro (blackthroat seaperch) Don

This is "Nodoguro", a rice bowl of topped with the high quality blackthroat seaperch which is also known as the toro (fatty tuna) of white fish.

  • A: Oirase Stream in winter
  • C: Godzilla Rock
  • E: Mt. Chokai
  • F: Sankyo rice granary

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