Kitayamazaki Cliffs

The beauty of the coast is world-class.

Kitayamazaki Cliffs is located in the northern part of Sanriku Fukko National Park, and has strangely-shaped rocks and sea caves set on 200-metre-high cliffs as well as a dynamic coastline that stretches for about eight kilometres. You can experience nature’s vitality in spring, the cold wind of the Pacific ocean in summer, beautiful foliage in autumn, and snowy landscapes resembling ink paintings in winter. Kitayamazaki Cliffs, which is full of charm whenever you view it, offers picturesque scenery of what can be called Japan’s most beautiful coast. 

The views from the observation platforms overlooking the ocean are so splendid they will take your breath away. The first observation platform is a wooden deck on the same level as the parking lot, making it accessible for wheelchair users and people with strollers. The second observation platform offers a stunning view, and the third viewing platform allows you to also enjoy a walk in the woods. If you go down the 736 steps from the viewing platforms, you can descend to the ocean level. The scenery looking up at the 200-metre-high cliffs is a special view that can only be seen by people who walk to it!  

There is a walking path where the alpine plant known in Japanese as Shirobana-shakunage (a kind of rhododendron) grows in profusion behind the Kitayamazaki Cliffs Visitor’s Center. Their beautiful white flowers bloom from early June to early July. 

Sanriku Coast

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●Approximately 140 minutes from Morioka Station by car
●Approximately 20 minutes from Sanriku Railway Tanohata Station by shared sightseeing cab (advance reservation required)
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