Natural Blessings in the Sanriku Coast, Reviving from the Earthquake

A tour to visit a thriving fishing port and fishing villages on the Sanriku Coast, to enjoy abundant fresh seafood, and confirm the resilience of local people to restore their hometowns from the great earthquake and tsunami.

A: Sunrise in Matsushima

Matsushima is famous for the beautiful sight of its more than 260 islands. The moment when the sun rises from the horizon is very sacred.

B: Minamisanriku Onsen

The open feel of the hot spring overlooking the vast panorama of the Pacific Ocean.

C: Minami Sanriku Kirakira Don

A seasonal rice bowl dish lavished with local Minami Sanriku ingredients of the season.

D: Kesennuma Fishing Port

"Kesennuma" is a top class fishing area in Japan, which Japan is proud of. You can watch the lively market in the morning from the observation deck and, after that, you can eat the dishes of freshly caught seafood, as well.

E: Anatoshiiso

A rock with three huge holes caused by seawater erosion. You can also go through these holes by riding on a small pleasure boat.

F: Sanriku Railway

Relax to the sway of the retro train while taking in the commanding view of the ocean.

G: Jodogahama

A tourist attraction that represents the Sanriku Fukko (Reconstruction)National Park. The morning glow from the gorgeous coastline made from white stone is breathtakingly beautiful.

  • A: Sunrise in Matsushima
  • E: Anatoshiiso
  • F: Sanriku Railway
  • G: Jodogahama

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