Genbikei Gorge


Enjoy the scenic beauty of the gorge along with the local specialty “Flying Dango”!

Genbikei Gorge is a beautiful 2km stretch of gorge along the Iwai River flowing from Mount Kurikoma. Visitors can enjoy the dynamic views of the waterfalls and unique rock formations created by the river’s erosion as they stroll along the riverside.

A 30-minute walking path along the slowly flowing river gives visitors a sense of the tranquil scenery of the emerald green water and its murmuring streams. While the 70-minute walking path around the rough rapids of the upper stream provides views of uniquely shaped ruts formed by pebbles whirling around in the turbulent flow of water.

Along with the breath-taking views, many people come to the gorge for the local specialty of Genbikei, the popular Flying “Kakko Dango” (sweet sticky rice balls). There is a gazebo along the gorge where visitors can place an order via a hanging basket from a quaint shop on the other side of the gorge. Place your money in the basket hanging from the cable and knock the board with the wooden hammer provided to let the shop know an order is on its way. The shop staff then pulls the basket across the gorge and send it flying back to you with a box of Dango and a cup of green tea. Be sure to have your camera ready to catch this unique experience of the Flying Dango on its zip-wire!

There is a roadside station with restaurant facilities nearby and the walking trails are well-managed with resting places along the way for the best views of the gorge. Our recommendation is to combine your visit to Genbikei with a trip to the other famous gorge nearby, Geibikei, and compare their beauty!

General Information

20 minutes by bus from Ichinoseki Station on JR Tohoku Main Line to Genbikei on Genbikei Line and a 1 minute walk

8 minutes by car from Ichinoseki IC on Tohoku Expressway
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