Aizuwakamatsu Nanukamachi-dori Street

Aizuwakamatsu Nanukamachi-dori

Enjoy a stroll around this nostalgic town

From JR Nanukamachi station, the 700m Nanukamachi-dori Street leads to Noguchi Hideyo Seishun-dori. The street is lined with early 20th century architecture.

Visitors can travel back in time along this street lined with shops offering traditional arts and crafts such as hand-decorated candles, Aizu lacquerware and Aizu cotton. The town rewards a lingering stroll while enjoying traditional architectural designs pleasing to the eye and sampling some of the tasty treats on offer including varieties of Japanese sweets and a number of sake breweries. A retro-style sightseeing bus “Haikara-san” offers nostalgic rides through town.

The local streets are home not only to exquisite shops but also to a number of locations related to the Shinsengumi, a special police force set up to protect Shogun in the late Edo period. They are also not far from Tsurugajo Castle, which comes alive throughout the seasons.

The Eki Café at JR Nanukamachi station functions as an information centre. Visitors can also purchase local products, arts and crafts from 17 towns and villages of the Aizu region. This cozy café is a lovely place to unwind!

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福島県会津若松市大町1丁目【起点】 - 七日町【終点】
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