Lake Inawashiro


A lake fascinating visitors with its seasonal beauty

The 100km2 Lake Inawashiro is one of the largest lakes in Japan. The lake is so big that you may feel as if you were standing by the sea. The crystal clear water gives rise to the colloquial name of “Tenkyo-ko”, the lake of heaven’s reflection.

The lake attracts visitors all year round with its seasonal charms. A spring walk along the lake offers a magnificent view of Mount Bandai framed in cherry blossoms. Summer attractions at the lake include camping, swimming and a wide range of water sports. The surrounding autumnal leaves reflect picturesquely on the water while a flock of migratory swans lives here during winter.

The most popular winter attraction is known as “Shibuki Gori”, a unique phenomenon caused by the lake water being splashed by strong winds and immediately freezing on the surrounding trees. Many people come to see the unique decorations of this icy spray.

Among the many scenic locations around the lake, our recommendation is the view looking down the lake from the Showa-no-Mori Observatory. Pleasure boat rides are available throughout the year.

Other attractions in the neighbourhood include farms, hot springs, boutique cafes and ski resorts. The lake and its surrounding area are capable of providing both relaxing and active holidays!

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