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The Sendai Airport Access Line is a line connecting Sendai Airport and JR Sendai Station, the doors of Tohoku. You can change directly into JR Tohoku-Honsen Line without transfer, so you can reach your destination comfortably and swiftly. 

Sendai Airport Station is connected directly to the 2nd floor of the airport terminal with a passageway, so there will be no worries even on rainy days. Around Mitazono Station, there are education and welfare complex facility “Manawell Miyagi”, hotels, and commercial facilities and the residential area has increased surrounding the area. In front of Morisekinoshita Station there is a huge shopping center, therefore it is a convenient area adjacent to the city hall, cultural hall, civic gymnasium etc.  

Do try travelling around with the Sendai Airport Access Line. 

General Information

JR Natori Station~Sendai Airport Station
Adults 420yen, Children 210yen (2019.10.1 revision)

JR Sendai Station~Sendai Airport Station
Adults 660yen, Children 330yen (2019.10.1 revision)
Opening Times
Phone (weekdays 9:00~17:30)
JR Natori Station ~ Sendai Airport Station (Rapid 7min, Local 10min)
JR Sendai Station ~ Sendai Airport Station(Rapid 17min, Local 25min)
Official Website
・Fare for children aged 6 to 12 costs half of the fare for adults. (rounded-up)
However, the fare for toddlers aged below 6 is free of charge, on the condition that 1 adult + 2 toddlers FOC. The third toddler accompanying will need a ticket.
・Discounts for groups and passangers with disabilities are available. (please check the site for details)
Target Period
All Year
Operation Time
JR Sendai Station First train 5:45 Last train 23:10 
Sendai Airport Staiton First train 5:31 Last train 23:23
With/Without Advance Reservation
With/Without Excursion Pass
Purchase Location
Sendai Airport Station
How to Purchase
Ticket machine (only cash)
Sales Period
・All year
However, tickets for groups, issuing of tickets for reservations via travelling companies starts 1 month prior.
Applicable Transportation Facility
Sendai Airport Transit Co.,Ltd. Sendai Airport access route JR Natori Station ~ Sendai Airport Station
Sendai Airport Transit Co.,Ltd. Sendai Airport access route JR Sendai Station ~ Sendai Airport Station (including sections within Tohoku-Honsen)
Language Support
・Languages supported by the ticketing machine are English, Chinese and Korean.
・Sendai Marugoto Pass
・Pamphlet of Sendai Area (English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Thai)
・Use of Sendai Area Pass, JR EAST PASS etc.


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