Sendai City【Loople Sendai One Day Pass】

Loople Sendai is a loop-line bus that connects the tourist spots in the center of Sendai City. When you purchase this unlimited rides pass, you can receive many deals at establishments along these train lines. Do enjoy Sendai with Loople Sendai.

Loople Sendai is a loop-line bus that connects the tourist spots in the center of Sendai City. 

You can enjoy the view of Sendai from the vehicle window, get down for the tourist spot that you like, and such. 

Even if it is a short time, you can do sightseeing at your own pace. 

Also, when you purchase this one day pass, you can enjoy various deals at establishments along the lines.

Do use Loople Sendai + Subway (Namboku Line, Tozai Line) when you visit Sendai City for sightseeing.

For more information

●Information on the vehicle●

The tram design of Loople Sendai is not only popular among tourists and also Sendai residents. Its retro colors match Sendai which itself has a lot of greenery. It is also barrier-free, so customers using the wheelchair can use the Loople Sendai - enough space in the aisle, slopes at the vehicle entrance, lift devices are also available. Feel free to tell the attendant if you would like to use our service.

※there might be slopes and steps at the tourist spots so please be aware.

General Information

Adults 630yen Children 320yen

※About the difference between the adults and children tickets and details on the children tickets
・Children aged 12 years and above (junior high school students) are to be using tickets for adults. Children aged 1 to 12 and below are to be using tickets for children.
・Guides on the use of tickets during the period after graduating elementary school and before the junior high school entrance ceremony, are as below:
・Even after the elementary school graduation ceremony, the person is to be using a child ticket before March 31th of that year.
・Even before the junior high school entrance ceremony, the person is to be using an adult ticket from April 1st of that year.

※Conditions for the tickets for children to be free of charge:
・Infants aged under 1 years old
・Two toddlers (1 years old and above and under 6 years old, before elementary school) accompanied by one customer
Official Website
<One-day Pass for Loople Sendai How to Ride>

Board the Loople Sendai bus from the middle door, and exit from the front door. Pay the fare when exiting the bus.
※When there is no date on the card:
Insert the card into the card reader when you get off the bus for the first time. The date will be printed on the back of the card.
※When the date is printed on the card:
Show the date on the card to the bus driver when you get off the bus.
Buses other than Loople Sendai cannot be used.
Target Period
All year
Purchase Location
・Sendai Station West Bus Terminal Information Center
・Sendai City Transportation Bureau Sales Offices, Branch Offices and bus pass ticketing counters
・Inside the Loople Sendai vehicle (there is a possibility that the one day pass in the vehicle will be sold out. If that happens, you can purchase at a nearby establishment along the line)
・Establishments along the Loople Sendai Line (Aoba Castle Museum, Zuihoden Temple, Sendai International Center

This pass is also available at the reception at 22 accommodation facilities. Customers who are not hotel guests can also purchase them.


Sendai City Transportation Bureau Information Center 022-222-2256

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