Matagi Story (Matagi school)

Listen to real experiences from the Matagi, active mountain samurai!

Matagi refers to the people living deep in the mountains, hunting bears and other animals since ancient times. In particular, the Ani region of Akita Prefecture is known as the home of the Matagi.

At the Matagi school, you can listen to the story of the Matagi and walk in the mountains with real Matagi. The Matagi story is one of the school's courses.

The story of the Matagi is about their life of hunting, their tools and customs, and the ecology of bears. It is a rare chance to hear the real experiences from the Matagi, who can be described as ""mountain samurai"" co-existing with nature in the harsh mountain environment. They will guide you through the Matagi museum attached to the school. The talks are about one hour long, but it may run a little longer if the story becomes lively. The Matagi love to talk, so don't be afraid to ask questions or talk to them.

General Information

Base fee 7000 yen + 600 yen per person
*Includes admission to library and use of rest area
*Reservation required at least one week in advance
● About 3 minutes from Ani-Matagi Station on the Akita Nairiku Jukan Railway (shuttle available)
● About 1 hour and 50 minutes from Omagari Interchange on the Akita Expressway
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Utto Onsen Matagi-no-Yu
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