Flat-rate taxi Sendai Chuo Taxi Co., Ltd.

Reasonable fare

Flat-rate Taxi  is a service that allows passengers to take taxi between two set destinations for fixed fares.

Fares are transparent and the service is very easy to use. It is very convenient when you have heavy luggage, when you are travelling with a few companies and when your flight departs at late night or early morning.

・Sendai Station Plan

・Hon-Shiogama Station Plan

・Matsushima Station Plan

・Sendai Airport Plan

・Grande 21 Plan

・Sakunami Onsen Area Plan

・Akiu Onsen Area Plan

・Yuriage Maple Hall Plan

・Ogawara Station Plan

・Michinoku Park Plan

General Information

Please check out the official website.

Guidance for surcharges or discounts of fares
【Late-night and early-morning Surcharge】
Service between 22:00~5:00 will have a 20% surcharge.
【Discount for people with disabilities】
If you show disability notebook, there will be a 10% discount.
Official Website
Please contact us.
【Notes】It only applies to 4 seater taxi.
Flat-rate taxi service is by reservation only. Please make a reservation through phone of website at least 1 hour in advance of your ride.
The route between two destinations is fixed. Passengers are not able to pick the route. Stopping by another destination out of the route is also unavailable.
If you are using area plan, it is unavailable to stop by several places inside the area. You must get on or get off at a single place inside the area.
If you change the destination to a place that is not covered by the flat-rate service after getting on the taxi, you will be charged a normal meter fare.
Cannot be used with other discounts (except discount for people with disabilities)


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