Iwakiyama Shrine

Iwakiyama Jinja

One of the most revered spiritual locations in the region with 1,200 years of history!

Iwakiyama Shrine dates back to the year 780 when a shrine was founded at the top of Mount Iwaki, known locally as “Tsugaru Fuji” (the Mount Fuji of Tsugaru). The shrine has long been a focus of worship by locals and is one of the most venerated spiritual sites in Aomori.

Walkig up the flight of stairs on the approach to the shrine, visitors will find a popular pair of stone guardian dogs along the fence surrounding the tower gate. It is believed that the dog climbing up the fence brings good fortune, while the other climbing down the fence brings luck in finding love.

There is a water basin with a three-headed dragon gushing water from its mouths. As this is the spring water from Mount Iwaki visitors can drink and take in the energy of the sacred water as well as rinse their hands to purify them before approaching the main shrine. It is said that the water also blesses couples with children.

The approach to the shrine is surrounded by a cedar grove that adds a solemn atmosphere. From the entrance visitors can see a stunning view of Mount Iwaki, the local sacred mountain, framed by the gateway to the shrine. A number of the buildings and gates on site are designated Important Cultural Properties. Come and admire the majestic buildings of this historic shrine!

General Information

Opening Times
8:00 - 17:00 in summer
8:30 - 16:00 in winter
40 minutes by bus from JR Hirosaki Station
Car Park
Parking is available in front of the shrine (crowded on festival days)
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