Iwakiyama Shrine

Iwakiyama Jinja

The home of the heart, pay a visit to the local deity and god of good fortune of Mt. Iwaki in its beautiful natural settings

widely revered in Japan as a shrine famous for its protection of the northern gate.

Iwakiyama Shrine is very rare in that you are be able to see the inner shrine directly in front of the first torii gate. Visitors to the shrine can explore the approach to the shrine, with its vermilion-lacquered pavilions set against the green of the old cedars and the clear stream of sacred water that adds to the ambience of these peaceful, tranquil surroundings.

General Information

Opening Times
8:00 - 17:00 in summer
8:30 - 16:00 in winter
40 minutes by bus from JR Hirosaki Station
Car Park
Parking is available in front of the shrine (crowded on festival days)
Official Website
Protector of the North Gate Iwakiyama Shrine Official Website
Protector of the North Gate Iwakiyama Shrine Twitter
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