Akinomiya Onsenkyo (Hot Spring Village)

A picturesque paradise beloved by writers

Akinomiya Onsenkyo is a picturesque hot spring village beloved by writers such as Saneatsu Mushanokoji.  

Known as the oldest hot spring village in Akita, it is a quiet and tranquil place. It features secluded hot springs where you can enjoy an off the beaten track atmosphere.

Akinomiya Onsenkyo is a collection of the secluded hot springs of Yunodai, Inazumi, Takanoyu, Yunomata, and others dotting along the Yakunai River, and is an extremely luxurious hot spring resort where each inn has its own hot spring source. Upstream, on the banks of the Yakunai River inhabited by char fish and yamame trout, you can soak in the open-air baths to the sound of the mountain stream, just like in paradise.

From spring to autumn, you can enjoy the Kawara no Yukko, a footbath created by digging stones from the river with a shovel. It is also a fun challenge to try and get the temperature just right.

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About 25 minutes by car from JR Yokobori Station
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