Iwate, Tohoku: Traditional Culture and Foliage (With Wagashi Japanese Sweets Demonstration)(World Heritage Hiraizumi-Ichinoseki DMO)

See all at once in the same location: the Japanese traditional culture of Kagura, the Satoyama landscape peculiar to Tohoku, and a wagashi demonstration.

Take a 30-minute car ride from Ichinoseki Station on the Tohoku Shinkansen. There, you will see a Satoyama (area between mountain hills and arable land), which can be described as a virgin landscape of Japan. There are many reservoirs where you can find all kinds of unusual living species. There are also broad-leaved trees that color the four seasons. In the river, there are rare waterfowls.

Against this backdrop, you’ll watch Kagura (song and dance performance dedicated to deities) in a structure built in pure Japanese style. You’ll also make wagashi Japanese sweets under the guidance of confectioners of a wagashi store, which has a heritage of more than a century. It is not an exaggeration to say that you’ll get the full Japanese experience.

General Information

Adult: ¥15,000; Child (Up to age 12): ¥5,000/child for 1-2 children accompanied by an adult and ¥10,000/child for 3 or more children accompanied by an adult
Opening Times
9:30am - 6:00pm
Weekends and public holidays
7 hours
Minimum participants: 10


World Heritage Hiraizumi-Ichinoseki DMO
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