Iwate, Tohoku: Traditional Culture and Foliage (With Wagashi Japanese Sweets Demonstration)(World Heritage Hiraizumi-Ichinoseki DMO)

See all at once in the same location: the Japanese traditional culture of Kagura, the Satoyama landscape peculiar to Tohoku, and a wagashi demonstration.

In southern Iwate Prefecture, you can still find scenes of the Japanese landscape in its primeval state. After strolling through the Satoyama (a natural environment between the mountain foothills and arable land), where beautiful fall foliage has been preserved in its natural habitat, watch as local people perform kagura (song and dance dedicated to the deities during Japanese festivals and rituals), a traditional performing art that has been passed down in the region. You will also participate in a Japanese sweets-making workshop at a long-established Japanese confectionery that has been in business for over 100 years. These activities will give you a taste of truly authentic Japan found only in regional cities. (Tour departs from Ichinoseki Station, a stop on the Tohoku Shinkansen). October through November are the best months for this experience.

General Information

(A) Adult price: ¥15,000
(B) Child price (up to age 12): ¥8,000/child when up to two children are accompanied by an adult; third child onward: ¥5,000/child
Opening Times
9:30am - 6:00pm
Weekends and public holidays
7 hours
COVID-19 Prevention Measures: Limiting or guiding visitors, providing hand sanitizing equipment, wearing masks, ventilating indoor spaces, etc.


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