Tour the bustling Hachinohe Morning Market(BOJ Incorporated)

Eat a fresh and tasty seafood breakfast in the Morning Market in Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture!

A guide will meet you at the hotel at 7:00 AM, or at 6:00AM on Sunday, and will take you out to a morning market together. Visit the Mutsuminato Station Morning Market year-round on weekdays, known as the kitchen of Hachinohe, or go to the Tatehana Wharf Fishing Port Morning Market, the largest in Japan, on Sundays from April through December. At the Mutsuminato Station Morning Market, you can make your own unique asaichi gohan breakfast by purchasing slices of sashimi and side dishes to go on top of a bowl of rice, eaten with a side of miso soup. At the Tatehana Wharf Fishing Port Morning Market, you'll walk through the stalls to eat not only the seafood of Hachinohe, but also a dazzling array of other foods which are low priced, high volume, and remarkably fresh — only available at this morning market. Going around with your guide acting as an interpreter you'll have so much fun interacting with the locals.

General Information

東京都中央区新富1-3-2 新富町1丁目ビル 5階
Fee per Person by Group Size(Max. 6 persons)
1 person: 18,400 Yen
2 persons: 9,500 Yen
3 persons: 6,500 Yen
4 persons: 5,000 Yen
5 persons: 4,100 Yen
6 persons: 3,500 Yen
Opening Times
Weekdays 8:00 ~18:00
Saturdays and Sundays
2 hours
Minimum Participants for holding Tour: 1 person


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