Yamabushi Training Experience(Dewa Sanzan (Three mountains of Dewa) Daishobo Pilgrim Lodge)

Experience authentic mountain training practices under the guidance of a real Yamabushi holy men at the sacred Dewa mountains. 

Mountain training: 1 night/ 2 days or 2 night/ 3 days


D1 Training following an orientation session (Mount Kinpo or Mount Yudono) 

D2 Training at Mount Haguro, includes a Shojin Buddhist vegetarian meal.

- Walk around the three sacred mountains of Dewa with the Yamabushi holy men and Zen meditation

- Chant and meditation under a waterfall 

- Nightwalk 

- Visit a sacred shrine closed to the public 

- Stay the night at the Daishobo pilgrim lodge, a traditional inn for practitioners of Shugendo.

General Information

Reservation required from the "contact us" form. (Up to a day before)