Basenkyo Gorge (Ogami-iwa Rock and Megami-iwa Rock)

Magnificent natural beauty that adorns Ninohe City's southern gateway: Meoto-iwa, Mabechi River Valley, and Ohogake Cliff

The Basenkyo Gorge is a scenic spot towering over the clear waters of the Mabechi River and the southern gateway to Ninohe. It was given its name around 1950 by the Governor of Iwate Prefecture, Kenkichi Kokubu, a native of Ninohe City. 

Along with Mt. Oritsume, it was designated as a prefectural natural park in 1962. 

The confluence of the Mabechi River and Appi River, the Ogami-wa and Megami-iwa rocks on the left bank, and the Ohogake Cliff on the right bank are all located on Bansenkyo Gorge and they attract visitors throughout the four seasons. 

■Ogami-iwa and Megami-iwa

Ogami-iwa (180m tall) and Megami-iwa (160m tall) are made of hard andesitic rocks, which have undergone long-term erosion to create a beautiful landscape.

 It is the largest Meoto-iwa in Japan in terms of size, and you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city from the observatory at Ogami-iwa. You can also see the vivid scenery of the four seasons, such as fresh greenery in spring and red leaves in autumn. 


Myojingafuchi is located downstream from Ogami-iwa and Megami-iwa and is one of the most beautiful areas in Basenkyo, with views of Ogami-iwa, Megami-iwa, and the Ohogake Cliff on the other side of the river. 

In addition, the area is maintained as a park and also contains a monument for Naoki Prize-winning author Kieko Watanabe and a monument for Dr. Aikitsu Tanakadate commemorating the Obuchi Power Plant, the first power plant in Ninohe. 

■Ohogake Cliff 

The Ohogake Cliff is said to have been formed by the uplift of an underwater volcano. The cliff is also characterized by changes in the strata from the middle of the cliff. At the top of the cliff is said to be the grave of Ujitsuna Gamō (nephew of Ujisato), a Kamigata soldier who died of illness while fighting in the Kunohe Rebellion. 


General Information

Approx. 15 minutes by car from Ninohe Station (JR Line / Iwate Galaxy Railway Line)
Car Park
A few spaces available
Official Website
Ninohe City Website
There is a roadway to Ogami-iwa Observation Deck. (Large buses are not allowed due to the winding road)


Ninohe City Tourism Association
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