Experience Fruit Picking at TOHOKU Fruit Sato(Japan Fruits (J&J Business Development Corp.))

Experience Fruit Picking at TOHOKU Fruit Sato

Fruit Sato is cultivating various fruit in Sagae City, located in the center of Yamagata Prefecture, and utilizing the techniques inherited from their predecessors and a blessing from the nature of Gassan. Cherries (Sato Nishiki, Takasago, Benishuho), seedless grapes (Pione, Sunny Rouge, etc.), apples, and La France pears are being produced and sold. You can also go fruit picking for cherries and grapes where you can taste fresh seasonal fruits.

General Information

東京都港区西新橋1-6-21 NBF虎ノ門ビル7F
1,500- 2,000 Yen
Opening Times
1 hour


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