Fish for Kappa at the Kappa Fuchi

Bring your kappa-catching permit to Kappa Fuchi!

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Tono, Iwate Prefecture, is Kappa Fuchi. It is where many kappa (a Japanese mythological river monster) are said to have lived, startling and playing tricks on people. There are many other stories about kappa, but the kappa of Tono are said to have red faces, unusually large mouths, and a voice like that of a bird. At Kappa Fuchi, thick bushes cover the clear flowing water, making it seem as if a kappa could appear at any time. 

Purchase a kappa-catching permit at the nearby Densyoen tourist information center and use cucumber as bait to fish for the legendary kappa. 

Get a kappa-capturing permit, a popular item from Tono.

◆◇◆ If you capture a kappa and deliver it to the Tono Tourism Association... you will receive 10 million yen in prize money! ◆◇◆ 

Follow the 7 provisions for kappa-catching (posted on the back of the permit) and enjoy fishing for kappa! 

You can get a permit with your photo (requires yearly renewal).

It is very a very popular purchase; many famous people have one, too! 

Although, previously, it was only available for purchase for visitors to Tono, due to its popularity, they are now also sold online (Purchases are limited to 10 per person). On the back of the card are 7 provisions on catching kappa and the precautions to take!

General Information

220 yen to purchase a kappa-catching permit
○ 25 minutes on the Iwate-ken Kotsu bus Tsuchibushi Line from JR Tono Station 
25 minutes by bus on the Tsuchibuchi Line, 15 minutes by bus on the Tsukimoushi Line, and get off at the Ashiaraigawa bus stop (5 buses a day), about 6 km from Tono Station.
*The number of buses varies depending on the season
Car Park
Use the Densyoen parking lot (5-minute walk) in the vicinity.
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About 30 minutes


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