Sendai Aoba Festival

The picture scroll-like scenery and Suzume Odori dance are symbolic of summer in Sendai

The Sendai Aoba Festival is one of Sendai’s three major festivals that adds colour to early summer in Sendai, which is known as the “City of the Sacred Forest.” It is held on the third weekend of May each year. 

At the main festival on the second day, you can see sights reminiscent of a picture scroll panorama, including a procession of gallant warriors clad in armour, a children’s parade in which the mikoshi portable shrine of Aoba Shrine that enshrines Date Masamune is carried, 11 gorgeous festival floats drive through the streets, and a large crowd dances the Suzume Odori. 

The Suzume Odori is a traditional dance of Sendai passed down since 1603. It is characterised by its dancing while holding folding fans in both hands. Anyone can join in the dancing on the day, so if you’re interested, how about learning the dance by watching others and taking part? 

There are many delicious foods at Kotodai Park and the Morinoichi Market at Shimin Hiroba (citizens square). This is due to Date Masamune, who was a gourmand. You can enjoy festival food while viewing the stunning parade and dancing. 

General Information

Walkable from Sendai Station or Kotodai-koen Station
The third Sunday of May and the days before
Aoba-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
Jozenji-dori Avenue, Higashi Nibancho, Kotodai Park, Shimin Hiroba (citizens square), and other locations


Sendai Aoba Festival Sponsor Association
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