Aquamarine Fukushima (Fukushima Marine Science Museum)

Aquamarine Fukushima (Fukushima Marine Science Museum)

Explore the underwater world of the Shiome Sea

Facing the Pacific Ocean, the Fukushima coast is where the warm Kuroshio Current and the cold Oyashio Current meet.

Located at the junction of these currents, the Aquamarine Fukushima aquarium offers exhibitions on marine subjects including regional ecosystems, life in coral reefs and the evolution of marine species. The highlight is the large main tank known as “The Shiome Sea” featuring the world’s first transparent triangular tunnel where visitors can observe the sea life of each current up close on either side.

The distinctive architecture of the aquarium features a glass-domed roof allowing natural light into the building and aquamarine hues, representing the protection stone for safe voyages.

The aquarium offers workshops for children to learn about the environment and sustainability. Children can also try their hand at fishing, cooking and eating together at the learning centre “Aquamarine Egg”.

A range of guided activities and experiences are available for visitors of all ages including the aquarium’s popular “backyard tour”. The on-site restaurant and sushi bar offer a wide range of seafood dishes with wonderful views of Onahama Marina and the aquarium’s iconic “Shiome Sea” tank.

The aquarium is also home to an artificial beach and a garden with animal enclosures reproducing the natural environment of ancient Japan. Enjoy a day of underwater and outdoor fun!

General Information

General admission: 1,850 yen (Groups of 20 or more: 1,550 yen)
Elementary to high school students: 900 yen (Groups of 20 or more: 750 yen)
Opening Times
March 21 - November 30 

December 1 - March 20 
9:00 - 17:00
(Admission until 1 hour before closing)
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