Kin-ayu, the Golden Sweetfish of the Akaishi River

The golden ayu fish found in the clear water of the Akaishi River

The ayu inhabiting the Akaishi River, where the water is sourced from the mountainous Shirakami Sanchi area, is called Kin-ayu because its body is shining gold. It is said that the pyrite contained in the Akaishi River is absorbed by the ayu, which turns its back and belly golden. 

The kin-ayu has won second place twice in the annual “Clear Stream Ayu Tasting Competition” held in Kochi Prefecture because of its excellent flavor. On July 1, the day ayu fishing season opens, many anglers from all over Japan visit to hunt for kin-ayu.

Restaurants where you can eat natural Kin-ayu (reservations are required at least one week in advance)

Kumanoyu Onsen Phone: 0173-79-2518

Senchan's Experience Restaurant Phone: 0173-72-3745

Hotel Grand Mer Sankaiso Phone: 0173-72-8111 (reservation center)

Ajigasawa Onsen Suigun no Yado Phone: 0173-72-8111 (reservation center)

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