Nakatsugawa Geosite

Learn about the Earth's geological activity by exploring the landscape with your five senses

■What is a geosite?

A geosite is a place where you can sense traces of the earth's activity visible in geological features and landforms, as well as the culture and history unique to that area. Examples include exposed strata where rocks and fossils can be seen, historical sites, and historical buildings.

The Nakatsugawa district of Iide Town in Yamagata Prefecture is located in a mountainous area with abundant nature and a unique history. Traces of the sea and volcanoes that existed in the pre-human era can be seen in various places. Since the settlement by humans, manufacturing has flourished in this area using the mineral resources and abundant plant resources created by the volcanoes.

You can experience the activity of the earth and humans at Nakatsugawa Geosite under the following three themes:

〇Scenery: scenery that boasts the memories of the earth

〇Culture: traces of human life and manufacturing culture 

〇Faith: historic sites of faith with prayers toward large things

General Information

About 20 minutes to one hour by car from JR Tenoko Station
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