Mt. Iwate (Omisaka Trail / Amihari Trail)

Trekking on the famed Mt. Iwate! There are two trekking trails: one for strong walkers and the other for people who want to take an aerial lift while enjoying nature

You can enjoy Mt. Iwate, the highest mountain in Iwate Prefecture, with two trekking trails! ① The Omisaka Trail has the most rocky terrain among the many climbing routes on Mt. Iwate, and is suited to strong walkers due to its tough uphill climbing. You can dynamically enjoy the magnificent scenery woven by nature! (Approximate time required is 4 hours 10 minutes uphill, and 2 hours 20 minutes downhill.) Alpine plants such as viola crassa flowers, keyflower orchids, alpine clematis flowering vines, and iwakagami flowering plants grow here. ② The Amihari Trail is a 10.7 kilometer one-way hike from the Amihari Trailhead through Mt. Inukurayama, progressing from Ohanabatake Bunki (flower field fork) to Fudodaira, and to the summit. You can use an aerial lift to reach an elevation of 1,320 meters. There are two separate routes: one via Onigajo and the other via the flower field in the crater basin, so you can enjoy a different route on your return trip. *If you want to use the aerial lift, please check the operation dates and times in advance. (Approximate time required is 5 hours uphill, and 4 hours 20 minutes downhill.) *When entering the mountain, please fill in the necessary information on the list of climbers’ names before starting to climb.

General Information

Free (*If the Amihari Trail lift is used: ¥1,600 per adult for round trips on the three lift areas)
Opening Times
Mountains open to climbers from July 1 each year


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