Hashikami Coast Walking Tour! Enjoy the Shore Along the Aldiva Course

Experience history, traditions, and cuisine while walking along the Hashikami Coast!

Using Hashikami Hamanoeki Aldiva as the hub, you will take a walk along the Michinoku Shiokaze Trail exploring the scenery around the fishing port and beach. This 90-minute course will guide you through the effects of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and the reconstruction process, and will allow you to fully experience the lifestyle along the beach in Hashikami.

You can also stop by Hashikami Hamanoeki Aldiva and buy fresh seafood sold at the store. The restaurant in the station, Mar, serves a variety of seafood dishes daily.

General Information

1,000 yen per person (includes insurance fee and souvenirs)
Opening Times
Held at any time. Please apply at least 5 days before the desired reservation date.
10-minute walk from JR Oja Station (75m)
Car Park
The free parking lot at Hashikami Hamanoeki Aldiva accommodates around 40 standard vehicles. There is also parking space for no more than 2 large buses.
Official Website
Hashikami Town Website "Walking Tour of Hashikami Coast"
90 minutes
・Please wear comfortable clothes.
・The walk will take place regardless of rain or shine. Please bring your own rain gear.


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