Original Wanko Soba shop that can be enjoyed in Hanamaki

Hanamaki Wanko Soba Tour to Feel the Spirit of Hospitality

The history of wanko soba dates back more than 380 years. It is said that when Lord Toshinao Nanbu stopped by Hanamaki on his way to Edo (present-day Tokyo), he offered soba, a local specialty, to the people of Hanamaki to ease their travel tensions. The soba was served in a bowl, hence the name "wanko soba. Wankosoba" has an image of gluttony, but it was originally a food culture of hospitality that encouraged customers to eat a lot of food.

Four restaurants in the city serve wanko soba, and each one offers a different type of wanko soba. Every year in February, the "Wanko Soba All Japan Tournament" is held, and it is a grand event with participants from all over Japan.

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Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture