Y.C.M Ikuzo Yoshi Collection Museum(Representative: Tomoko Handa)

A must-see for fans! A museum of Ikuzo Yoshi, the superstar from Tsugaru

A famous singer hailing from Kanagi Town, Kita Tsugaru District, Aomori Prefecture (present-day Goshogawara City), Ikuzo Yoshi has provided Japan with countless musical works.

In the museum, you can see Ikuzo Yoshi’s stage costumes, calligraphy, favorite guitars, and movies from his private life. 

This is the only memorial museum in Japan dedicated to the lesser-known charms of Ikuzo Yoshi, who was born in what is now called Goshogawara. 

The museum also has stage costumes you may try on and a karaoke room that can be used at no extra charge beyond the admission fee. 

At the modern Japanese café, which is attached to the museum, the snowy country curry made in collaboration with Ikuzo Yoshi and the soft serve are popular since his face is printed on the cup. 

Information is current as of July 1, 2020.

General Information

Adult and University Students: 800 yen
Middle and High School Students: 400 yen
Elementary School Students and below: free
Tour Ticket Adult: 1,100 yen, High School Students: 600 yen, Middle School Students: 450 yen
(Tachineputa Museum, Dazai Osamu (Omoide) Museum, and Ikuzo Yoshi Collection Museum)
Opening Times
August 13 and December 31 to January 1
3-minute walk from JR Goshogawara Station
Car Park
Free parking with admission ticket for 1 hour (100 yen per 30 minutes thereafter)
Microbus/Standard-sized Buses OK
25 spaces in total
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Y.C.M Ikuzo Yoshi Collection Museum


Y.C.M Ikuzo Yoshi Collection Museum
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