Sakuragao Shuzo Co.,Ltd


Sake brewery in a rich natural setting, located east of Morioka City, at the foot of the Tatara mountain

The company was founded in 1973 by merging sake breweries in the coastal areas of northern Iwate Prefecture. 

They mainly sell their products in Iwate Prefecture under the unified brand name of "Sakuragao."

As far as sake brewing goes, they make uniquely local sake using rice produced in Iwate Prefecture, such as "Yuinoka", "Ginginga", and other areas.

In recent years, they have been exporting sake to East and Southeast Asia, and the quantities have been increasing year by year. 

They also produce liqueurs made from locally-grown aronia and are certified as a Morioka City Umaimon Ambassador. 

General Information

Iwate PrefectureMorioka-shi23-18 Kawame-cho
Opening Times
Weekends and holidays
20 minutes by car from JR Morioka Station, 30 minutes from Morioka Minami Interchange (Tohoku Expressway), 10 minutes from Tanosawa Exit on Route 106
Car Park
5 spaces
Tours available

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