Urakasumi Sake Brewery Saura Co., Ltd./Urakasumi Sake Gallery

Urakasumijozomoto Kabushikigaishasaura / Urakasumi Sakegyarari

A long-established brewery that has been providing sacred sake for Shiogama Shrine for nearly 300 years

Themed on "promoting sake culture from Urakasumi," this brewery exhibits and sell ceramics, glass sake containers, and Urakasumi products that "can only be purchased and tasted in Miyagi Prefecture." In addition, the Urakasumi Sake Gallery attached to the head office disseminates various information on sake and Shiogama, including "Shiogama original" products that are locally made. Here you will find a brewery guide, a sake-tasting counter, an exhibition of works by artists living in Miyagi Prefecture, original Urakasumi goods, oysters, and raw seaweed tsukudani (laver simmered in soy sauce) made by the women of Urato Islands. You can enjoy everything from Urakasumi’s sake to the attractions of Miyagi and Shiogama.

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General Information

Miyagi PrefectureShiogama-shi2-19 Motomachi
Opening Times
Sundays, New Year holidays, and other temporary closures
About a 7-minute walk from Honshiogama Station (JR Senseki Line)
Car Park
Official Website
Tour: Available twice a day, is about 15 minutes long, our staff will show you around the building and go over the history of the brewery from the outside. There are no tours or explanations of the manufacturing process. (Tours are currently suspended to prevent the spread of COVID-19)
Tasting: If you purchase an original Urakasumi sake cup (300 yen), you can enjoy the sake of the month. (Tastings are currently suspended to prevent the spread of COVID-19)