Making your own white wine! Includes an authentic French course lunch.

You can experience wine making by hand from the grape harvest! After making your own original wine, enjoy authentic French cuisine. This is an experience unique to Yamagata!

The first step is to harvest the grapes. From among the many grapes harvested, the grapes with the fewest number of grapes per bunch are selected.

Next, the grapes are removed from the branches, separated into berries and skins, and pressed in a tight, prayerful grip.The higher the sugar content, the higher the alcohol content.Finally, the work is completed when the illustrations and text are written on the paper for the original wine label.The prepared wine is aged in the winery for several months before being shipped to your door in late December of the year of your experience.♪ I'll have more to look forward to at the end of the year... ♪

Lunch was at Seiyo Grapes! Established in 1982, this restaurant offers Western-style cuisine based on French techniques.The restaurant's menu is centered on the bounty of the land of Yamagata and the Okitama region, and offers dishes full of a sense of the season, making the most of seasonal flavors!The Takahata Winery in Takahata-cho offers not only Takahata wine, but also other alcoholic beverages such as local sake, local beer, liqueur, and shochu.We also have limited label wines and store original wines that can only be purchased here. Soft ice cream is available here!How about a wine-filled trip to Akayu and Takabatake, famous wine-producing regions?

General Information

山形県*Same as the meeting/experience location.
10,000 yen (same price for children)
Opening Times
Around August to early September
Every Tuesday, Bon holidays, etc.
You will be on your own.
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Yamagata Tama ni Okitama Travel Reservations
Approx. 5 hours
For inquiries, please contact [Yamagata South, sometimes Okitama Travel].


Yamagata in the south, sometimes a trip to Okitama
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