Otsunai Reservoir Tour

This is a special tour of the Okutainai Dam, which is not usually open to the public!

Okutainai Dam, which has been in operation since 2028, is located in Bandai-Asahi National Park and was constructed based on the concept of harmony with unspoiled nature.This is an area that is off-limits to general tourists and can be specially visited only on this tour.The Okutainai area, where the Okutainai Dam is located, is truly a mysterious and unexplored region with many giant trees that are several hundred years old and a treasure trove of rare flora and fauna. Visitors can enjoy not only the dam, but also the spectacular view of the Okutainai Valley from the dam. Visitors will receive a dam card!

General Information

Free of charge
Currently, there is no public transportation to Okutainai Hutte.
Please use a private car, rental car, motorcycle, or cab to get to the hutte.

《By car》
From the Nakajo IC of the Nihonkai-Tohoku Expressway (R7 Shimodate crossroad - 24KM)

《By train》
From Niigata Station ... Nakajo Station (limited express, Hetsu Main Line) ... approx. 30 min.
From Tokyo Station ... Nakajo Station (Joetsu Shinkansen use, transfer at Niigata Station to Hetsu Main Line) ... about 3 hours
From Nakajo Station, about 50 minutes by cab.
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Tainai City, Niigata Prefecture Official HP
2 hours
*Please register in advance by phone.
*We will not provide accident insurance, so please understand this before participating.
We will announce the schedule for the next year's event on our website when it is available.


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