Gudarinuma Pond

Let's enjoy a walk along a peaceful path around a lush spring pond with clear water, beautiful flowers, and colourful autumn leaves

Gudarinuma Pond is a spring located near the Tashirotai pasture, east of the Tashiro Plateau. It is a beautiful, relaxing spot with plenty of clear water, where you can see azaleas in the early summer and colourful leaves in the autumn.

Although the name contains the word ""numa"" (swamp), clear water continues to gently flow forth, producing about 200,000 tons of spring water per day. The stream is inhabited by char fish, and you can feel nature breathe from the surrounding vegetation. The swamp is noted for the rare fact that it is home to five types of planarians that can fully regenerate even if they are cut apart with a knife.

There are gentle walking paths around Gudarinuma Pond, which are called the ""bunabayashi sansaku-do"" and ""tsutsuji no koichi."" Both paths are about 1.5 km long. They are secret courses where you can stroll through still nature while enjoying the beauty of the scenery.

The swamp is about 20 minutes walk from Tashiro Plateau. By car, park near the entrance to the Tashiro Ranch (wooden white gate), which you can see on the left side of Prefectural Route 40 heading from Tashiro Plateau toward Towada. It is about 5 minutes on foot from there.

Aomori, Hakkoda

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