Miracle Lone Pine Tree

A symbol of reconstruction that withstood the tsunami of the Great East Japan Earthquake

In the tsunami that struck Japan at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, a total of 70,000 pine trees were knocked down and washed away along this stretch of coast. Only one withstood the raging waters and remains to this day the “Miracle Lone Pine Tree.” A 2km stretch of this coastline was once filled with pines, but today only this single tree remains. Near the tree is the mangled wreckage of a building that used to be a youth hostel and it stands today in silent witness to the power of the earthquake and tsunami. Although the disaster inflicted tremendous damage on the region, the Miracle Lone Pine Tree was a source of reassurance to the people who sought to rebuild their lives.

Subsequently the roots of the tree rotted due to seawater infiltration and the tree was confirmed to have died. However, the “Miracle Lone Pine Tree Preservation Project” was launched out of a desire to retain this symbol of hope for future generations and it was preserved as a monument. It is visited by many people both by day and by night, who stand in front of it and pray for reconstruction.

General Information

Opening Times
Takatamatsubara Tsunami Reconstruction Memorial Park
● Take the JR Ofunato Line BRT and get off at the Kiseki-no-Ippon-Matsu"" stop, then 10 minutes on foot
● 5 minutes from the Rikuzentakata Osabe Interchange on the Sanriku Expressway, then 10 minutes on foot
* To get to the Miracle Lone Pine Tree, get off the BRT at the Kiseki-no-Ippon-Matsu stop (inside the Takatamatsubara Roadside Station car park) and use the pathways in the Takatamatsubara Tsunami Reconstruction Memorial Park. Pathways can only be used during park opening hours.
Car Park
Yes (Roadside Station Takatamatsubara)
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