Kumano Taisha Shrine

A location thought to be flowing with mystical energy for marriage! Find the three rabbits

Kumano Taisha Shrine is also referred to as the Ise of Tohoku. It is considered one of the three main Kumano Shrines in Japan together with Kumano Sanzan Shrine in Wakayama Prefecture and Kumano Koutai Shrine in Nagano Prefecture. It is one of the leading locations thought to be flowing with mystical energy in Yamagata Prefecture that is famous for marriage.

There is a large torii gate at the entrance of the approach road and a large 850-year-old gingko tree on the approach road that still now tower powerfully overhead. The dignified worship hall and an imposing main shrine appear when you climb up the 46 stone steps. If you find all three of the rabbit statues at the rear of the main shrine, your wish may come true. The conferment station will probably tell you where the first two rabbit statues are hidden. However, maybe your wish will not come true if you can only find the third one by asking people to tell you where it is or by people telling you where it is. Try looking for the third rabbit on your own. Once you are tired of searching, head to icho cafe on the grounds. The menu is packed with wonderful dishes made from local ingredients. You can enjoy a perfect tea time in a cafe with a quiet and gentle atmosphere!

The Tsukimusubi festival to pray for marriage is held on the night of the full moon once a month. You will be led by the light of the full moon and the three rabbits to where a special marriage prayer is performed for you to find a spouse. The tamayura-mamori charm only available for visitors at this time has a cute shape with a different color every month. There is also a Tsukimusubi-only seal stamp available. Therefore, don't forget your seal stamp book! In addition, the Kanade marriage prayer festival is held once a month from June to September. A prayer for marriage is performed with the wish contained in the sound of the wind chimes. During this period, wind chimes containing the wishes of participants decorate the shrine. The cool-summer like tones ring out throughout the grounds.

General Information

●Approx. 5 minutes by car from JR Akayu Station
●Approx. 15 minutes by car from Nanyo Takahata IC on the Tohoku Chuo Expressway

*There is a shuttle bus service on days when the Tsukimusubi festival is held (Reservations required)
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